Information on Sales and Commissions

Chandeliers can be made to specified dimensions and chosen colours etc., and are always my design. Just e-mail me to arrange a visit to the studio to see the work and range of colours available etc. or you can commission by phone or e-mail after seeing a range of picture examples.

To be sent a current price list phone or e-mail, I try to reply within a few days.

Price will include bulbs, candles, packaging and box ready for collection. Customers can arrange transportation themselves or I can arrange a courier. The 8-cup box is a 24inch cube and the 6-cup has a 20-inch cube. For the 6/8-cup chandeliers I recommend clear candle twist bulbs 25watts (or max 40 watts) or their low energy equivalent. These scatter the light well.

In the UK currently directly from me only, just e-mail me for photos and info on available stock.
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Studio Madeleine Boulesteix
I am based in East London and South Devon

Visits by appointment

01822 853957
Contact Madeleine Boulesteix in London for chandeliers to buy and commission